Novavi Drug Counselling

If you or a relative need help with a drug problem, please call 30 59 37 33 or 27 45 80 65

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Novavi Drug Counselling offers drug abuse treatment for people up to 30 years old with substance abuse problems. We have more than ten years’ experience treating young people with drug abuse problems and our team consist of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and social workers. 

Our goal is to help young people experience a youth without drug abuse. We believe the best way to achieve this is by an acknowledging and understanding approach where we, together with the young people, work towards reducing or quitting drugs completely. We believe in supporting them in developing their competencies, so they can participate in social events, education and enter the job market on an equal footing with other young people.

Young people with drug abuse problems

At Novavi Drug Counselling, we offer treatment to:

  • Young people between 15 – 30 years old
  • Young people in need of a holistic treatment approach
  • Young people who have or might have a dual diagnosis in need of psychiatric and psychological treatment
  • Young people who lack the motivation and will to change their behavior
  • Young people who on the surface seem fine (for example have a job or are enrolled in an education)
  • Young people who have/had a drug abuse and need help entering the job market or an education

Novavi drug abuse treatment

Our drug abuse treatment is based on the individual’s need, resources and barriers. Together with the municipality, the program is offered free of charge. The content of the treatment program is decided among the abuser, the municipality and Novavi Drug Counselling.

With our treatment, we want to:

  • Find out the reasons behind the abuse.
  • Find reasonable substitutes for drugs.
  • Help create a good everyday life for the young people. Experience has shown that young people are more likely to stay drug free if they are happy with their lives.

A program for drug abuse treatment will typically consist of a combination of individual meetings, group meetings and at home treatments. Furthermore, some might find a need for psychiatric or psychological treatments.

How to enter our program

The program is in collaboration with the municipality. Therefore, the first thing to do is to contact your municipality and discuss with a drug abuse counselor the possibilities of entering a drug treatment program at Novavi.

The process in steps:

  1. Your drug abuse counselor or caseworker contacts Novavi Drug Counselling
  2. We commence a meeting with you and your counselor as soon as possible to be able to comply with regulations of quick drug abuse treatment.
  3. We work out an individual treatment program approved by your drug abuse counselor or caseworker.
  4. The treatment program begins.

At Novavi Drug Counselling, we do not only focus on the drug abuse itself, but also on the family of the abuser and a life after the abuse. That is why we offer parental group meetings and a program called Youth – On Your Way. Our parental group meetings are free of charge and additional individual meeting must be approved by the municipality or with a supplement fee.


Anonymous drug treatment

Are you using drugs? Is it starting to have a negative influence regarding work and social life? Then Novavi anonymous drug treatment might be right for you. It is for citizens currently employed or in school only and targets functioning citizens, aiming to help them before the drug use gets out of control.

Because of its target demographic, the treatment is completely separated from other drug treatment, at it is not possible to identify the build, where the treatment take place, as a drug treatment facility.

So if you are:

  • +18 years old
  • Require anonymity
  • Are employed or in school
  • Wants to reduse or end your use of drugs

Then call us 27 45 80 65 or send a mail

The treatment

The treatment begins and end with an individual counseling session. In between you attend a group session once a week for fourteen weeks. The group is made up of individuals like yourself: employed or in school and generally well-functioning citizens wishing to address their drug use.

In the group sessions, we focus on:

  • The physical and mental influence of the drugs
  • Doubt and ambivalence
  • Motivation
  • Change
  • Cravings and risk situations
  • Resources and solutions
  • Being present
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