Novavi Foundation

Novavi Foundation is a non-profit organization whose primary activities are counselling and treatment for alcohol and substance abuse.

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The foundation consists of Novavi Alcohol Abuse Treatment, Novavi Drug Counselling, Novavi Ung Revers, Novavi Pensionatet. Our clinics are can be found around Copenhagen, on Sjælland and Fyn.

Through support, counselling and treatment, Novavi helps people achieve a life without substance abuse. Our activities includes, among other things:

  • Alcohol abuse treatment
  • Drug abuse treatment
  • Residence for substance abusers
  • Family therapy and help for relatives
  • Research together with universities and foundations
  • Counselling for public and private partners
  • Close collaboration with other non-profit organizations

50 years of experience

Novavi has more than 50 years’ experience within substance abuse treatments and is one of the most important organizations in Denmark within this area. At Novavi, we focus on creating documentation and evidence in our treatments and make sure all our work comply with Danish Health Authority’s recommendations for substance abuse treatments.

With a leading role within the area substance abuse, Novavi see it as a must to participate in the public debate and continue to create awareness about the issues that alcohol and drugs bring along.

A change of identity

In 2016, Novavi changed its name from “Fonden Lænke-ambulatorierne” (Outpatient Clinics Foundation) to “Novavi” (Latin for “new life”). This was done in effort to connect all parts of the organization under one name.

The intentions with having all activities under one name was to strengthen the identity of the organization and work even closer across the departments. At Novavi, we want to make way for knowledge sharing and use the competencies that lies within our team.

Changing the name was also an effort to strengthen our strategic position and make it easier for both current and new partners to identify the many activities we provide. Moreover, this will also make it easier to connect with research institutes to be able to strengthen our work within research and gain even more knowledge about alcohol and drug addictions.

Research at Novavi

At Novavi, we prioritize research. We measure the effects of our treatment programs and collaborate with universities and hospitals within research projects. Our ambition is to continuously innovate and improve our treatments, which is why we keep participating in research project and why we also ourselves initiate research about alcohol and drug addictions.

We are currently involved with two research projects:

  • Using video in alcohol abuse treatments
  • Using diabetes drug to substitute an addiction


For inquiries for Novavi Foundation, please contact our administrative office:

Peter Bangs Vej 7A, 2. Floor
2000 Frederiksberg

Phone: +45 3945 5455

Safe mail:


CVR.number: 56753117


Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: 9am to 3pm
Friday: 9.30am to 12pm


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